PowerCube Extended 2 x USB 1.5m Cable 7400 (Grey)

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PowerCube Extended 2 x USB 1.5m Cable 7400 (Grey)

Often we arrive at our office, at home, in a meeting, or somewhere else and find it difficult to reach for a nearby available power outlet to charge our notebooks or smartphones.

Either because we have to duck beneath our desks to reach for one, or they are blocked by bulky plugs and cannot be used anymore.  Placing regular extension cords on our desks is simply aesthetically unpleasing.  Besides, more and more electronic devices are charged with USB cables, but they are often too short to reach our desks, bedsides etc.

Therefore, we would like to introduce the PowerCube Extended USB: a compact extension cord that prevents plugs blocking one another and that can be mounted anywhere convenient with a mounting station, just attach, twist and lock. 

With the two high powered USB ports, you can charge your devices (including smartphonesand tablets) directly from the PowerCube.


No of Outlets: 4

Rated AC: Max 13A/250V

No of USB Outlets:2

USB Output: 2.1A

Cable Length: 1.5m

Childproof: Yes

Included: Mounting Dock, Removable Tapes



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