Ultralightpal 10W Cree LED Torch

Ultralightpal 10W Cree LED Torch
Brand: Ultralightpal
Product Code: TE1671
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Ultraligtpal 10W Cree LED Torch 

Ultralightpal Rechargeable Torches & Lights are manufactured to the highest standards & use LED Technology.
With a lifetime of thousands of hours, it means that replacement bulbs will never be required.
The UltralightPal rechargeable range are a very welcome addition to any household. Buying batteries for a torch is now a thing of the past. These Torches lasts for hours just off one charge, and have an enormous standby time---Light when you need it, where you need it.
800 Lumen
Water Resistant
Shock Proof
10W Cree LED
Up to 5 Hours Run time 
High Intensity beam
Anodized Aluminiun
500 meter range


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